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Red Sea Fun Tours Marsa Alam

Snorkeling Marsa Mubarak
We offer you a daytrip to Marsa Mubarak. This spot is famous because of the turtles and seacow. We will pick you up at your hotel and drive to the harbour of Port Ghalib. The boat starts at 8:30 from Port Ghalib. After that, we will drive 20 minutes to Marsa Mubarak. You will do your first time snorkeling and it's a good chance to see turtles and the seacow here. While you enjoy your time on ther boat, at the sundeck, the boat will drive to another nice spot, like Halg Salman, Shonni Bay, Habili Marsa Mubarak, Vila El Kharafi or Abu Saial.
After snorkeling, you will have your lunch. After lunch, there is 25 minutes of free time. So if you like, you can use this time to go snorkeling or relax at the sun deck. Then we will drive back to the harbour of Port Ghalib and the taxi is waiting to bring you back to your hotel.
- pick up at your hotel (transfer)
- boat entrance
- 2 or 3 times snorkeling
- sorkeling guide
- soft drink, tea , water and coffee all the trip
- lunch
- snorkeling permetion
- snorkeling equipment